are we there yet???

we left tokyo and headed for america.  (i’m pretty sure the slow boat to china would have gotten us there faster – if we’d been headed to china that is.)

you can follow along on the handy dandy map below…  we all started together at point a.  haneda international airport in tokyo.  but we didn’t stay together long.  michael, a16, and s13 left at 23:55.  they flew to point b – kuala lumpur, malaysia.  from there they went to point d – bangkok, thailand.  they were well into their journey when chan and i left from point a – tokyo, japan – and headed to point c – singapore.  from singapore we flew to point d – bangkok, thailand.  that’s where we all met up and got on the same itinerary.  we had an overnight layover with an early morning start.  after a little less sleep than we wanted and in less than high spirits we headed back to the airport and left from point d – bangkok, thailand – and landed at point “nearly-the-same-as a” – narita international airport, tokyo, japan.  yep, we were back to very, very close to where we’d started and it had only taken 36 hours and 30 minutes to get there.

we boarded the flight in tokyo – point a – and were finally headed for america.  point b – san francisco, california was our point of entry and where we’d get to go through customs.  never a fun experience.  also, i don’t think i’ve drawn the flight path correctly on the map below.   the correct path goes north and then south.  i did learn about lambert conformal conical projections while trying to figure that out.

from san francisco, california – now point a and not my favorite airport – we were headed to denver, colorado – point b.  about 1/2 way into our flight we lost power to the cabin.  they eventually announced that there was some problem with an oven and the only way to deal with it was to turn off the power, but they assured us all was good.  which we believed until we landed.  we were greeted on the runway by all kinds of emergency vehicles.  they followed us all they way to our gate.  and then they boarded the plane and we had to sit and wait until they gave us the all clear.  which they did, eventually.  we got off the plane and got ready for the very last leg of our flight.  point b – denver, colorado – to point c – colorado springs, colorado.  just a hop skip and a jump away.  we boarded the small plane, not personal plane small, but small enough.  after the flight attendant gave all the required plane information and warnings including that we could turn on our electronics after we were “airborning”, for real she said “airborning”, the plane pulled away from the gate.  and then stopped.  and then pulled back into the gate.  after a few moments the pilot came on and said there was nothing to worry about.  they just couldn’t get the engine to start properly so they needed to plug in again and then we’d give it another go.  (not very confidence building.)  we did eventually take off and land at point c.


and that’s how you take 58 hours to get to america.

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