good-bye tokyo

i hadn’t really made a plan for our last day in japan.  we needed to be out of the apartment by 10am and michael, a16 and s13 weren’t due to fly out until 23:30 or so.  we could store our luggage near the apartment, but that would mean getting back to the luggage and then to the airport which seemed like it could be a headache.  and we had a lot of luggage.  a quick internet search and i learned that we could leave our luggage at the airport.  so we were up and out and headed to the airport.  the kids were only slightly embarrassed to have to lug the suitcases through the streets of japan and from train station to train station.


on our last trip through the train station i saw that i had missed out on a great opportunity.  i’m thinking i could have ditched the family and enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the housewives hall.  or i guess it’s possible it’s also where they do housewife training.  i think i’m okay not taking that gamble.

we made it to the airport, took a little maneuvering, but we managed with no big problems.  once we got there we suddenly had a lack of motivation to do anything else.  for a few of us the lack of motivation looked a lot like napping.  so we wondered the airport a bit.

while we were wondering we found another thing that was on the eat this while you’re in japan list.  the tokyo banana.  of the giraffe variety.


what’s a tokyo banana?  it’s sort of like a twinkie.  with banana custard filling.  it was okay, but not earth shattering.  and i’m not sure the giraffe theme helped.


we did finally end up leaving the airport.  the kids saw another pokemon center that was close to the airport so we figured that would be better than nothing.  turns out it was the exact same pokemon center and no longer photo worthy.

then we were off in search of dinner.  we chose japanese curry since it was our last opportunity.  while we were searching we came across this.  the thai beer was tempting, but not that tempting.

back to the airport were we said good-bye to michael, a16, and s13.

then chan and i snuggled down for our wait – our 7 hour wait – and we met up with the rest of them in bangkok.

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