alive and mostly well

we made it to america and i still have a japan wrap up post to write, but it has pictures to go along with it and right now photos are proving to be a bit of a challenge.

one of the first things we did after finally arriving in colorado was drop off my laptop at the mac store. and they couldn’t fix it so it had to be sent out and is not due to return for another day or two (or three). i am now limited to an ipad and they aren’t so friendly with the pictures.

speaking of colorado – they should totally change their state motto to “the land that lacks moisture and oxygen” (or something witty like that). also, almost immediately upon landing i was struck ill. i was convinced i’d brought back some tropical japanese type disease, but have changed theories now and am pretty sure it’s just allergies. jet-lag plus allergy fuzzy headedness equals misery and also has the added bonus of making one a pretty lack luster contributor to any social situation. unless the social situation is improved by the presence of nasty flem-y coughing.

4 thoughts on “alive and mostly well

  1. Welcome home! And don’t talk about my favorite place in the world like that! ;0
    Feel your pain with the ipad…been on mine for two weeks due to our move and it is about ready to drive me crazy! Makes me feel claustrophobic! Cannot wait to get the big computers up on Monday!

  2. Ugh. I hope that both you and your computer feel better soon! There’s nothing worse than drowning your excitement at being home in a huge pile of sick. =(

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