friday trifecta – part two

after the niagara curry house we headed to the cup noodles museum, because how could a trip to japan be complete without a visit to a museum all about the creation of cup noodles?


this museum got a thumbs up from everyone in the family.  i think michael even said it was one of the best museums he’s ever been to.  when you pay to get in they also give you the option of making your very own cup noodle.  yep, you read that right.  you can make your very own cup noodle.  if you cant to take advantage of that option then you have to do it at the time they assign you.  for us that time was pretty much immediately.  so our first stop was very hands on.

you start buy purchasing your cup noodle cup and then move on to sanitizing your hands.


then we were given a lid to for our cup and asked to wait until our entire group was together.

we found a table and began the task of decorating our cups.  everyone was pretty committed to making the coolest cup ever.


once we were satisfied with our cups it was on to create the perfect cup noodle combination.  we started by trying our hand at the reversal technique.  we didn’t know what that was at the time, but we learned later,- once we were able to explore the museum – that the reversal technique was momofuku ando‘s brain child and the answer to how you get the noodles in the cup.


then it was time to come up with a perfect flavor combination.  starting with the seasoning and then adding in freeze dried meats or vegetables or some other freeze dried food type items.

and then we inspected our finished creations.  i’m sure they will be amazing.

next up in the process is the packaging.  we were shown how the cup noodles get their paper lids and how the shrink wrapping happens.

and finally we were left to turn our cup noodles into pillows.  i’m not sure the purpose of this, but it made them very easy to carry.


once our cup noodles were made we were ready to see the rest of the museum.  starting with the ramen time line.  from 1958 – present day ramen’s sure come a long way.

the next stop was a movie about the momofuku ando’s challenges and successes in the ramen noodle world – they had an english translation for us.  i wasn’t sure about committing to a ramen documentary, but it turned out to be informative and entertaining.

after the movie we headed out to the rest of the exhibit.

a replica of the house ando lived in during his early ramen years.


the dates of ando’s big instant noodle breakthroughs.  interesting factoid – cup noodles came about because of america.  true story.


a few other great minds that changed the world.


a statue of ando and a big ol’ cup noodle art statue thing.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

and finally, a sample of a collection of limited edition cup noodles.  they could be yours for 100,00 yen.  which i believe is $1,000.  wow.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

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