friday trifecta – part three

turns out two is not too many ramen noodle museums to visit in one day.  we didn’t eat any ramen noodles at the cup noodles museum we just created some to eat later,  but at the shin-yokohama raumen museum we had every intention of eating some fresh ramen soup.  i’d read that you went to this museum for the eating – the museum part is secondary.  while the museum part did create some nice ambience, there wasn’t really much to it that a quick walk through wasn’t enough for.  i wonder how close to 1958 japan it really comes.

after our walk through it was time to get down to business.  we decided to split up to sample ramen from two of the eight shops located in the museum.  these eight shops were chosen from the 10s of 1,000s located through out the country, so they should be pretty good.

chan and i chose sumire.  they make a miso soup from soybean paste with chicken, pork, seafoods, garlic, and ginger as ingredients.  we both chose pork.


michael, a16, and s13 all had ikemen hollywood.  it’s tonkotsu ramen with soy sauce as the basic seasoning and pork, garlic, and ginger as ingredients.

everyone was satisfied with what they chose and everyone cleaned their plates (bowls), so it’s hard to say which was better.  but all that really matters is that everyone was happy.

we finished up and were ready to head back when this happened.  we’re still not sure just what it was.  but it involved dancing.  and acting.  and cup stacking.  and juggling.  where do they find that kind of talent?



 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

whatever it was it was certainly worth the price of admission and s13 voted it the best part of his day.

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