friday trifecta – part one

any trifecta worth it’s weight will require one post for each or its ectas.  so three posts are coming up.

wednesday when we went to the ghibli museum and the parasitalogical museum we were also meant to go eat at the niagara curry house.  but we got lost.  so instead we ate some just okay japanese food for dinner.  little did we know how close to not lost we were.

today started with another attempt at the niagara curry house.  turns out it was only a few blocks from where we ate on wednesday night.  we even asked folks if they knew where this restaurant was.  i sort of thought it would be well known – how many curry houses can their be that are also miniature train stations?

the guy behind the niagara curry house has two great passions and he’s managed to combine them into one great idea.  he has loved trains since he was a little boy and he also loves curry and he found a way to connect the dots between these two amazing things and came up with one cool restaurant.

when you enter the train car (it’s not really a train car, but certainly feels like one inside, nice and cozy) you have a machine to order your curry from.  the attendant was very helpful and we managed to get everyone’s selections right.  we also managed to order extra rice for everybody.

then we had a seat and waited for our order to be delivered – by train.  drinks first.

followed by food.


we ordered a few different kinds of curry to share and all agreed that the pork cutlet curry was the best, but they were all good.

the engineer/chef kept a close eye on the restaurant making sure everyone was satisfied.

if i lived in tokyo this would be high on my list of places to take guests when they came for a visit.  it certainly made for a great start to our day.

One thought on “friday trifecta – part one

  1. That place looks awesome. So did you have curry for breakfast…or did your day start at lunchtime?

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