wild goose chase

today’s agenda included searching far and wide for funky flavored kit-kats, the pokémon center, eating sushi, and maybe catching a movie.  i was determined that we would make it through at least one day without getting lost so i wrote down very precise directions to each location from which ever train station we needed to be at.  our first stop was the tokyo station.

and from the tokyo station it should have been simple enough to find the store google said would have kitkats.  it was meant to be just a short 3 min walk south east of the station.  about 5 min in we ran across an information desk.  the nice lady there said we were almost there.  we just needed to head down to the basement.  she even gave us a map.  we followed her directions and low and behold… it wasn’t where we wanted to be.  but we were just a few steps away from another information desk.  where a different kind lady told us we were on the wrong side of the station.  she gave us another map, this one in english and we were off.  but before we could get too far we came across a hair cutting stall.  michael’s been wanting a hair cut and this stall looked intriguing so we stopped.

there were just a few rules

michael paid his 1000 yen (about $10) to the machine and then we waited.  

the kids and i gave up on the waiting part and went in search of the kitkat store.  and – with the help of our handy dandy in english map and just one more kind lady at information booth – we found it!  they had limited flavors because chocolate melts.  at least that’s what the explanation on the sign said.  if we want to come back in october we can get others.  we decided to go ahead and just buy what they had on hand today.  rum raisin and green tea.  those flavors are different enough for us.

we made our purchases and took bets on whether or not we’d be able to find michael again.  i was a little worried that separating like that might have been our one bad decision of the trip.  turns out there was no need to worry.  we found him and his new haircut – easy peasy. i took a picture of a stranger getting his head vacuumed because we didn’t wait around to see michael get his vacuumed.  but he assures us he got the full treatment.

once we were all back together it was time to find the pokémon center – high on a16 and s13’s list of things to do in tokyo.  this time my directions worked.  or it’s possible that my lucky guessing and the rest of the families sign reading were what did the trick.  either way we didn’t make any wrong turns.

not everyone was as excited to be here so some of us might have rested outside while others of us saw all the pokémon stuff you could imagine.  and that’s how we all managed to enjoy this stop.

finally, sushi.  our first (and only) sushi restaurant stop on our vacation.  i’d read several recommendations for a restaurant called sushizanmai (good sushi at a reasonable price) and there happened to be a location near our next stop.  so we headed back to the subway and were off.  we got to our next station easy enough and then had no luck finding the restaurant.  we looked here and we looked there and it wasn’t in any of those locations.  not wanting to give up on our sushi dream we chose another restaurant that had comparable prices.  and we were happy.  most of us were happy.  a16 had never had wasabi before.

one of the reasons i chose this train station is a nearby movie theatre.  chan is a bit of a movie buff and really wanted to see a movie in tokyo.  the only way i could figure out how to find out what would be showing and the times was to physically go to the theatre.  luckily, we had no trouble finding the theatre.  not luckily, there were no movies showing that a16 or s13 had any interest in seeing.  so we once again parted ways.  the three of us headed home and michael and chan stayed behind to see alien 2 – digitally remastered.  chan was pretty excited about that.

s13, a16, and i made it back to the station okay.  and we managed to get back to the station nearest our apartment with no problems other than a little confusion because we were on a different line and had to exit at a different corner than we were used to.  we picked up subway on the way home.  i had beef bulgogi – i know, bulgogi’s korean – and the kids had what they would normally get.  it was nothing special, just your typical subway.

we spent a quiet evening in and not walking anywhere.  now we’re just waiting to see if michael and chan are able to manage the trains with out our amazing help.

6 thoughts on “wild goose chase

  1. Hi!
    I have been following your adventures for quite some time. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with all of us.
    I found the following website it’s the official Kat Kat Japan site. http://nestle.jp/brand/kit/
    Good Luck!!

      • I used bing translate for the website. Also while you’re in Tokyo check out the http://www.meetup.com page for Tokyo events, then search by calendar. I often find fun and interesting events to attend. Even if you don’t join the group..it gives you ideas of things you may otherwise not know about about. There’s a group celebrating their 2nd annual game day featuring all kinds of games, Yoga in the park by donation only, if anyone is a photography buff there is Ueno Photo Walk – Exploring Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo and Ameyoko in the Summer! Etc. Etc.

        Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Geocaching, for the uninitiated, is a type of game where all you need is a GPS receiver and the ability to think. You are given a set of GPS coordinates and you navigate your way to that location. From there, you can look around the area and find a container that has been hidden by another geocacher. The game itself is simplistic in nature. You can use a smart phone or a GPS with coordinates and clues (Size of container, terrain and difficulty.)Each cache, treasure, is different. . If you are interested in it, it’s a great way to see the city. There are caches all over the world. Go to geocaching.com for more information.

        Have a wonderful vacation!

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