ryogoku and akihabara

we’re still rocking the can’t get ready and leave the apartment before noon thing so snackfast (that’s snack/breakfast – you know, just a little something to tide us over until we could find something more substantial) today came from the local 7.  and everybody seemed pretty content with that.  s13 & michael had american dogs or, as we call them in america, corn dogs.  the rest of us went the sushi route.

but one thing impressed us all –

yes, that is a ketchup and mustard packet.  so smart.

after lunch we were off to the train.  not sure what was different about today, but there were many school girls and their moms in the terminal – those uniforms and bags are so cute.

we managed to get tickets to the correct stop without any help at all today.  we didn’t look even slightly confused.  once we got to the station we went in search of the sumo museum and on our way we came across more bicycle parking.

we might have made a wrong turn out of the station and ended up going the long way around to the sumo museum, but a little more walking never hurt anyone, right?  once we got there we were sad to discover that there was an invite only kimono exhibition going on at the arena – and we didn’t have invites.  however, we could still get into the museum and the gift shop.  we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum, but we did get a few around the museum.

after the sumo museum we found lunch.  i’m not a huge fan of chinese food, so this wasn’t my favorite, but it was okay.

with full bellies we were off in search of yokoamicho park and the tokyo memorial hall and the great kanto earthquake memorial museum.  the memorials weren’t huge, but they were meaningful.


after yokoamicho park we made a quick jog across the street to kyu yasuda garden.  this wasn’t on the itinerary for the day – we just dumb lucked into it.

i also discovered that not all potties in japan are fancy japan potties.

the squatty potty hand rail is a nice touch.

after some relaxing in the garden we headed back to the train and, if i were kind i’d stop this post now, but our day continued and so must this post.  next stop – akihabara (this was a selection made by a16) – anime central, just one of many in tokyo.  today i learned that anime is not just for kids.  i ended up in comic book store where i am 100% certain i was the wrong gender and the wrong age for entrance.  shocking!




we also discovered maid cafes.  i mean we discovered their existence – we didn’t actually go in one.  i’m not sure i get the novelty of them.  but some folks must, because there are more than one.



One thought on “ryogoku and akihabara

  1. I am showing our Japanese exchange student your photos – she tells me she goes to Ryogoku High School and knows this area very well! Small world! She also says she loves Ramen noodles very much and liked those photos!

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