the end is nigh

it’s getting to the end of the school year and that means it’s time for everything that needs to get done to get crammed in.

starting with the last band performance of the year.   except it’s not really, because the band plays at graduation and i’m pretty sure that’s the latest you can fit a performance in.

i might not be the best at adding arrows to photos.  that arrow is pointing somewhere in the vicinity of a16.

and senior prom.  i’ve totally stolen pics from chan’s facebook, because i wasn’t invited.


chan and his lovely prom date.


singing something and meaning it

we’ve also had farewell to the leavers at church (it wasn’t actually called that this year, but it has been in the past.  and in an effort to sound cool and worldly – and maybe obnoxious – i’m gonna continue to use it.)


these are the folks graduating from chan’s school srfarewellchurch

telling who he is and where he’s going


apparently there is a correct graduate prayer posture.  i think chan’s almost nailed it.

we’ve still got a busy few weeks ahead of us.  and no need to worry about the lack of s13’s appearance in the blog lately – his time is coming.

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