*spoiler alert…  there’s a video at the end – or at least a link to a video*

a16 had a harp recital tonight.  a duet recital.  she’s never played a duet before.  much less several duets.  both girls also played a few solo pieces.  and two students from payap university joined in – both payap students were very new to the harp.  everyone did a fantastic job.


there aren’t many opportunities for a16 to play her harp in public.  she’s a bit of a nervous performer, but still manages to do an amazing job.  a while ago a16’s harp teacher came up with the idea of providing an opportunity for a16 to perform some solos in public and why not a few duets, too?  learning to play with another musician is a great skill to have and one that a16 has never had the opportunity to develop.  so she paired up two of her students and voilà the music was getting made!


both girls really did an amazing job.  i watched them warm up before the performance and-  if i’m being honest – i would admit that i was more than a tad bit nervous for them.  apparently they got all the kinks out before the concert because the performance was so good.

IMG_2990 IMG_3000

One thought on “harpey

  1. Congratulations to her! I was wondering if she’s still playing. Such a wonderful accomplishment.

    I’ve been thinking of you. I remember how hard it was when my oldest, and then my next oldest went to college. You’ll all be all right, but it took awhile, at least for us.

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