catch up by photo dump

i’ve discovered how to move photos from my phone to my computer without email – which means i can quickly do a photo essay catch up of the very recent future.  go me.  it’s possible that parts of the very recent future aren’t all that interesting.

starting with – sometime in late march/very early april i ate something bigger than my hand.  and my hand looks old.

2013-03-22 12.03.29

april 3 my parents came to visit.  these pics aren’t of my parents, but they are of the folks who are getting ready to do a super special cultural welcome for some arriving passengers – also not my parents.

2013-04-03 22.38.05 2013-04-03 22.57.32

my mom did a few crossfit workouts with me.   that’s her swinging the kettle bell – with the red shirt on.

2013-04-05 09.51.23we went for some mookata.  that’s thai barbecue where you cook your own meat.  it’s all you can eat and we can eat a lot.

2013-04-06 20.21.14

out with my mom one day we came across these guys performing high wire events working on the electric wires.  we’re pretty sure this behaviour is not osha approved.

2013-04-09 14.09.42

april 30 my parents were supposed to board a plane and fly home.  but instead my dad had surgery.  on his leg.  just in case you weren’t sure which bandage was covering up the most serious injury.

2013-04-30 14.36.07

and we’re caught up.  my parents flew last night.


they should be home in the next few hours.  my dad is still recovering and will be recovering for a little while longer.  but i’m pretty sure he’s ready to be home.  i think most people find recovering in your own bed to be preferable to not recovering in your own bed.

2 thoughts on “catch up by photo dump

  1. We are home. Got here about 10:30 this morning (Friday). Had a lovely time. Miss you already.
    Love, Mom

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