ending week four and a new beginning

i’ve completed four weeks and will be taking a week off before completing my last two weeks of treatment. it’s working and it’s working so well that instead of not using the cream for a week i will begin using it on the rest of my face. so that means six more weeks to go. which means i am further from finished than i was this morning before i went to the doctor.


2 thoughts on “ending week four and a new beginning

  1. Take vitamin B17 which is known to be a natural preventative and cure for cancer in many cultures.

    You can find it from Amazon.com in tablet form, and in natural form in seeds (apricot, apple, etc..). There are several cultures who eat B17 in some form, such as in apricot seeds, which have shown to have almost no incidence of cancer in their societies.



    Because both my parents had cancer, these are part of my daily diet as a preventative. It is a fear I live with every day. Significant doses of B17 have been shown in many lab tests to retard or stop cancer, but the FDA won’t recognize the power of vitamins in cancer therapy.

    Sorry to hear the news, and I hope you get better soon.

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