peek a boo

so… where do i begin.

i’m now the mom of a high school senior.  wow.  his brother and sister are now in the 8th and 10th grade.  we’ve completed the school year and we’re all none the worse for wear.  picked up report cards today.  pleased with those.  i’ve got some smart kids.

the last few weeks have been crazy.  non-stop activity.  plays, prom, finals.  and all that they entail.  but how quickly we transition because we’re already in summer mode.  there’s not enough food in the house (true).  there’s nothing to do (not true).  it’s hot (sort of true, it’s been hotter). the summer is already dragging out forever in front of us.   so what do we have planned?

michael has a trip to india and the united states.  and maybe sri lanka.  the kids are going to america and i’m staying here. by myself.  2 weeks alone.  haven’t experienced that in a long while.  and i’m hoping to visit a friend who lives in australia.  (squeeee!)  i’ve heard their toilets flush the wrong direction.  i might spend the whole trip just checking that out.  we can chat while i flush toilets, right?  and at the very tail end of the summer michael and i are headed to bali!  (and by tail end i mean we will be gone for the start of the school year, but the kids will be here and they’re the ones that need to go – so it’s all good.)

i learned something new in the past few weeks.  you can’t travel on a passport that is to expire within 6 months.  who knew?  (i’m sure everyone but me).  this isn’t a problem for michael or me.  but the kids’ passports all expire in september.  and they are traveling in june.  michael and i had to go together to get their passports.  c18 was good to go, he’s an adult, he didn’t need our help.  but, for the other two, it takes both parents to get a passport.  so we applied tuesday.  and they promise a 2 week turn around.  and the kids leave in 16 days from when we applied.  and we need to get their thai visas transferred into the new passports.  i’m sure it will be fine.

4 thoughts on “peek a boo

  1. Actually, our toilets don’t “go” in either direction. They just go down. Still if you want to spend time checking out toilets, yes, we can chat and flush at the same time. Except in places where there are water restrictions. *squeeeeee* here too

  2. Why *does* yours travel so much, by the way?
    And I’m sure it will be fine too. That’s a two whole day leeway! Pshaw.

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