not my fastest, but maybe my lastest

I got up early – like 4:30 early – to go run the Singha Songkran 10k.  The first 3k were great.  I knew the course I was running and it felt good.  Then we took a little turn onto unfamiliar ground and I found that frustrating.  I gained speed after we returned to the same route the first 3k were on.  It’s amazing how much mind games seem to play into things.    My final time was a minute slower than my last 10k, but the course was also a good deal hillier.  Not sure how hills add to time, but my right knee is certain that hills make things more difficult.  At about the 9k mark my knee was in so much pain that I told myself if I managed to finish this one in under 1 hour and 15 minutes I would never run another 10k again!  I did it, barely.  My time was 1:14:53.  We’ll see if I stick to the never run another 10k thing.

Today’s fun also included a CrossFit Songkran celebration.  We started with a barbecue and then headed to the moat to join in the fun.  The barbecue was great – good food and fantastic company.  We followed it up by heading to the moat to participate in a little (or a lot) of len naam (water play) with what had to be every other single person in Chiang Mai.  This year rates as the best Songkran experience since we’ve been here – at least for me.  And I’ve now added water proof camera to the top of my need/wish list so I can take pictures to share.