Obviously, I didn’t mean it

Twice a week? That was crazy talk. I probably meant up to twice a week. Or less.

I am going to take a few moments here to answer a question I get asked ALL THE TIME. By pretty much everyone – including perfect strangers. Sometimes perfect strangers even email me this question. Usually, it comes about because they’ve either noticed or heard that I have lost 90 pounds. The number one question, the question that frequently comes before “how?” is…

“What about loose skin?” And especially special is the face they make when asking this question. It’s a mix of interest and disgust. I often think they’re hoping I’ll show them all my shar pei amazingness.

Well, the short answer is, yes, I do have loose skin. I lost 90 freaking pounds. Off my body. From under my skin. And, the answer to the next question – the one that always follows – is, yes, it does bother me. But it bothers me less than the extra weight did. And it bothers me less than being asked these questions. And now they are answered. So, let’s move on. (And it’s more than a little bit of an exaggeration to say I look like a shar pei.)

All is going well here. We are the proud owners of a new to us car. It is sort of a minivan, like if a minivan had a little sister or something. It works much better for our family than our flood damaged car. Which we did get running again. But it no longer had aircon or the ability to roll its windows down. So come about March or April, maybe even February it would have just been a death trap.

We thought we were going to move, but didn’t. Out landlord lowered our rent. Turns we are pretty easy tenants and he didn’t want to risk any not so easy tenants. I was more than happy not to move over Christmas break. That makes two in a row we haven’t spent moving.

We’ll be staying in Thailand a few more years. For a little bit our future here felt very iffy. Iffy enough that I was researching school options in Colorado Springs. We are all pretty happy with the outcome. We’re hoping to see A15 graduate high school here.

A while ago I posted about Plan A or Plan B. Plan A involved walking/running a whole lot of miles around Annapurna. Plan B was a Christmas Day 1/2 marathon. So, which one did I choose? I ended up going with Plan B.2 – a Christmas Day 10k. Go me. And shortly after that I started reading The NonRunners Marathon Guide for Women. It’s funny and inspiring and it has almost completely convinced me that I have absolutely no desire to train for a marathon – even though I have run a marathon on my 2012 goal list. I also have run a 1/2 on that list. I am gonna see how I do with that one, first. Actually, I have a 5k coming up in a few weeks. I’m just gonna start with that one and see if I progress to a 1/2.

3 thoughts on “Obviously, I didn’t mean it

  1. The second most amazing thing about this post…after your incredible weight loss (congrats), is that a landlord lowered rent! 😉

  2. i had fun catching up on ya’ll tonite. bravo on your weight loss– i am sooo impressed. and where is this gym? i might totally have to check that out– sounds awesome!

    glad to hear ya’ll are a bit more settled and will be sticking around. 🙂

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