it’s flooding in thailand

our first stop on the compassion sponsor tour – if you don’t count the hotel – was to a project in the nonthaburi province, just outside of bangkok.  it’s an area that is flooded – it has been for weeks.


the purpose of our visit was to learn more about this particular compassion project and to provide a little bit of relief to the project workers by helping them cook and package up meals for those who are house bound due to flooding and to deliver the meals in the local flooded area. (that was one long sentence.)


when we stopped and offered food to this lady she was prepared.  she stretched the cane out to us.  we loaded the food on and stretched it back to her.  she’d obviously had practice at this.

the water’s not going any where any time soon and when faced with such a desperate situation it seemed that people just chose to get on with life.



this neighborhood is right along the chao phraya river.  as we talked to the folks who live here they said they are used to floods.  that it floods every year.  but it has never stayed this long.  and disrupted so much.  they are more than ready for the water to go.

3 thoughts on “it’s flooding in thailand

  1. We arrive in Thailand in 3 weeks and we are actually moving to Nonthaburi – it’s no longer on the news here in Melbourne so we naively thought the flooding issues were close to over.

    I am in awe of the way the Thai people appear so resilient!

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