paleo – week one

i’m starting day 8 of paleo today.  yep, that means i’ve made it through 7 days of no grains, no legumes, no dairy, and limited fruit.  and i feel like crap.  they said that would happen.  i’ve got no energy.  they said that would happen.  i’ve got a headache.  they said that would happen.  but they also said some good stuff would happen.  and the good stuff is what i’m holding out for.  like high energy.  and magical powers.  (i made one of those up).

my body is supposed to be relearning to use fat instead of sugar as it’s fuel source.  but while it’s working on figuring out how to do that i get the fun that is low energy.  and it’s not all that fun.  i haven’t missed a day at crossfit, but the workouts of the day seem 10 times harder than they were last week.  and 8:00pm is beginning to look like a very appealing bed time.  if only i could go to bed then.

i’ve been asked if i think i can keep this up forever and ever and ever.  and i do think i can. i’m not hungry.  what i’m eating is satisfying.  and, after the 30 days are over, i’ll be adding dairy back into my diet.  i don’t think i have any issues with dairy, and i don’t normally consume a lot of it, so i’m more than okay with adding it back.  it also helps to know that after 30 days i don’t have to be so strict.  i can allow a cheat here and there.  and i have no doubt that i will.  but i think i’ll also be smart about those cheats – i’ll make it something i really, really want.

september 30th will be the last day of my 30 days.  i weighed myself and took my measurements on august 31.  i’ll do it again on october 1.  i don’t know that i’m brave enough to put the actual measurements on here, but i will definitely share any changes – or lack of changes – that there are.

2 thoughts on “paleo – week one

  1. aw, my son is also doing paleo. this is the son with the medical training/degrees.
    he loves it.
    I hate it, as a mom.
    I have eaten way less carbs, though……… but I always eschew carbs

  2. I know CF is huge into Paleo…I’m not sure I’m convinced (been reading a lot about it). I’ve been on a fitness kick too but rather than doing something like Paleo I’m cutting out processed food, and it seems to be a good fit. What is your impression of being able to get all your needed nutrients and fiber and such on Paleo? How do you not eat rice in Thailand????? 🙂 Anyway – happy for you and all your fitness success – that is awesome!!!!!

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