cat got my tongue

or something.  i’ve lost it.  my blogging ability.  it used to come so easy and i had so much to say about absolutely nothing and i enjoyed saying so much about absolutely nothing.  but now it doesn’t come easy at all.  it’s hard work, but i miss it.  so i figure it’s time to get back on the horse and give it another try.  my next few posts might seem stilted, they might be painful to read, but i figure i’ve got to start somewhere.  and maybe i’ll get my mojo back.

2 thoughts on “cat got my tongue

  1. I applaud your attitude, Monica. I’ve been inspired by your voice since you started blogging: the insights and authenticity, the humor, the directness and delight. When you explore, I learn.

    So I encourage you to perform whatever psychological gymnastics are necessary to regain your momentum, worrying not for a minute about the short-term results.

    Your mojo is out there, and as you rediscover it, I’ll be listening.


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