manitou incline

i also considered altitude is not my friend as a title to this post.

got up early this morning to attempt the manitou incline.

Arguably the most popular of all the Colorado Springs hiking trails, the Manitou Incline can be plainly seen from all over town. It’s the “scar” that cuts down the face of Rocky Mountain.

It’s only 1 mile up, but gains 2000 feet of vertical by way of 2800 railroad ties. And it’s a 4 mile stroll (or run) back down the Barr Trail’s switchbacks.

from the bottom it looks nowhere near as difficult as it actually is – at least that was my impression.  but it still looks plenty challenging.  that’s not the real top, it’s a false top.  that’s not very friendly.

it starts out rather tame (compared to the rest of the trail) and – even though i could see the coming vertical increase – i didn’t pace myself very well.  but i figured it out pretty soon – when i started sucking wind.  i ended up taking a few breaks.  certainly more than i’d planned going into the hike.  of course, when i planned this i’d never even seen the trail.


i did manage to run down most of the barr trail and was glad to see the bottom.  i’m pretty proud of myself for finishing this and feel pretty good to have done it in 2.5 hours.

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