so close, but yet so far

a14 and i are stalled in san francisco.  our flight was cancelled this morning which means i’ll be arriving at d/fw 7 hours later than planned.  a14 is already 6 days late.  she was delayed for medical reasons.  got her a case of scrub typhus diagnosed 3 days before she was due to leave thailand for our visit home.  (good thing i’d scheduled myself to fly 5 days after the rest of the family.)

our trip had gone along pretty smoothly.  we were on time for all our flights.  they all took off on time – one of them even left early.  we arrived in san francisco right on time, made it through customs, got our bags and headed to re-check them for our very last leg of this journey.  and that’s when we were derailed.  everyone was really nice – the ticket agent tried to find an earlier flight for us, but there were no seats available on any other flight that could possibly get us to dallas before 11p.  so we wait.  and try to stay awake.

we’re flying united and their pilots do this bothersome thing when they are making their final pre-landing announcement.  they yammer on about putting your seat upright and locking your tray table, making sure you’re seat belt is on and all your carry on stuff is stowed away – the usual stuff – and then they end with reminding us that if we end up making an emergency landing to leave all our stuff behind when we exit the plane.  it might just be me, but i found this announcement, as the plane is landing, to be a bit unsettling.

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