i just felt the second tremor of the evening.  they’re very mild here and having no experience at all with earthquakes it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on.  the epicenter of the earthquake was up near the burma/thai/china border and it was somewhere around a 6.8 on the richter scale. here in chiang mai they’ve said the tremors register about 3.0.  which, from what i understand, puts these tremors in the category of no big deal when it comes to earthquakes.

but for me it is a bit more than no big deal.  because it plays into one of my biggest fears.  the fear that something horrible will happen while michael and i are separated.  this has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  michael arrived home from the states just before the earthquake happened in japan and he’d had a layover at narita airport hours before the earthquake struck.  that moved this fear of mine from back burner to high gear (am i mixing my metaphors?  are those even metaphors?).  and then he headed to nepal.  and up into the himalayas.  and he sent me texts that said things like, “wow!  we finally made it.  crazy, wild times.”  which to my paranoid mind translates to “wow!  can’t believe we made it alive!”  or the one from this morning, “taking very scary bus ride through the himalayas today.  mostly downhill with barely enough room for the bus.”*  and i’m pretty sure by that he meant, “headed down a mountain in a death trap with no brakes!!”  thankfully, i’d heard from him earlier this evening and he said, “looks like we made it through the worst part.”  so i knew he had better than even odds of not being trapped under a bus somewhere on the side of the himalayas when i texted him that we’d felt the earthquake.

we’ve never discussed what to do if something major happens while we’re apart.  part of me doesn’t even want to go there.  but then i wonder if that’s wise or responsible.  shouldn’t we have a plan?  shouldn’t i know who to call in the middle of the night on a weekend if i need help and i need it now?  i like to think that the chances of needing a plan like that are slim, but with as much as michael travels (40 days so far this year, but who’s counting?) it might be a tiny bit more likely than i think.

8 thoughts on “shaken

  1. Well, look at it this way, I figure if you make a plan, you’ll definitely never need it.

    I’m sorry. Unfortunately, your fears seem at least partially, well-founded.

  2. We were actually given disaster and terrorism training before we came – put through a very realistic and quite terrifying role play, and then debriefed from it. One thing that came out was how few of the families had actually thought through issues like this, and we were given time to talk that over and consider some plans for different scenarios. We’ve forgotten a lot of it now, but last night encouraged us to review our ideas and keep them fresh in our mind.

  3. It was a bit spooky wasn’t it! I have no experience with earthquakes either and it took a while for the penny to drop. It felt like sitting on top of a giant bowl of wobbling jelly. I think it’s a good thing to talk about the ‘what ifs’ before they happen…just in case. It’s also important to have a network of people to contact or to watch out for each other, even if it’s a small group.

    I pray the death toll up north doesn’t climb any further and that they did not endure too much damage.

  4. I’ve been similarly preoccupied lately, as I have a few friends in Tokyo and am often here in a foreign country on my own while my husband travels. I have no clue who on earth to call! He’s flying home from the US right now – if the plane crashes, what do I do? SMS a friend who’s husband works for the same company? That’s honestly the best I’ve come up with. I think that I’m going to need a plan before the next business trip!

  5. a plan might be good, we are thinking of simple plans in our ‘safe’ colorado home. just talking to the kids (little, granted) of what to do if there is a fire brings up too many questions that I have a hard time answering to a 3 yr old. i just go with your idea, bury my head in the sand approach, but not the best way, really…

    you can just make a simple plan you talk about over a nice meal, then its out there, discussed, but maybe not too deep… plan, attack, live!

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