the carnage

the great chicken massacre of 2011.  that’s what we’ll remember it as.  we might also remember it as the time everyone was really, really thankful i was too stunned to run for the camera.

it all started with the rose apple tree.  it’s currently loaded with rose apples.  no one in our family is a big fan of this fruit.  some of us will eat it, but none of us are crazy about it.  which made the harvesting of the rose apples a perfect opportunity for our mâe bâan and her husband to make a little more money.  but the bats were hindering their efforts.  it seems that bats love rose apples.  and they love to take one bite out of a rose apple and then move along.  so p’khao put up some plastic netting to protect the rose apples from the bats.  turns out it’s also the perfect size to trap bats.  and one bat got so caught he injured himself.  so p’khao rescued him.  and put him in a cage.  on my dining table.  (a14 tells me that bats carry japanese encephalitis.)  turns out this bat was so injured that he didn’t recover.  luckily (for us, not the bat), p’khao returned to take care of the necessary arrangements for the bat.  he then told us not to worry about the bat, that he had something else for us.

the something else turned out to be chickens.  2 of them.  2 very sad looking chickens. 2 very sad, pathetic looking chickens that he assured us would taste yummy.  and he’d even been so thoughtful that he’d named them.  after our two youngest children.  which meant we could look forward to the culinary delight that would be the eating of a14 and s11.  somehow it wasn’t very appetizing.

the chickens went into the aviary.  the aviary that hasn’t been used since we don’t know when.  and the dogs were to stay outside the aviary.  which got the dogs barking.  non-stop.  i’m sure that stressed the chickens to no end.  if they were meant to be egg laying chickens there was no way they were gonna lay any eggs at all.  and if they were meant to fatten up for eating time that wasn’t going to happen, either.  i wasn’t sure how this was going to end, but i didn’t have to wait long to find out.

it happened during a14’s harp lesson.  everything got quiet.  the incessant barking ceased.  and i was so happy to have some peace and quiet that i didn’t even think about why it was suddenly so peaceful.  it took me a good 40 minutes to worry.  and when i went to check it out i was greeted by a scene right out of a horror movie.  s’mores had silenced the chickens.  in a not so nice way.  she was covered in black feathers – which was a difficult feat in itself, seeing as how the chickens had so few feathers.  and she was covered in gore.  she’d also ingested a pretty good amount of gore.  if it’s labeled on this diagram she ate it.

i thought quickly enough to keep a14 and s11 from coming outside to see what had happened.  c16 was fast on his feet and offered to clean up the mess.  and actually did clean up the mess.  it’s now a little difficult to look at s’mores without seeing her as a blood thirsty beast masquerading as a cute dog and, since i haven’t noticed reinforcements around the aviary, i’m pretty certain we’re out of the chicken business.

5 thoughts on “the carnage

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  2. I almost hate to say it, but Hooray, S’mores and C16 of course. But chickens, really, they are so stinky!!!! Not to mention that to eat them someone was going to have to wring their necks, clean them out……. Nasty business. And they are so dirt cheap at the market.

  3. love the story, had me laughing… missed your posts! This is a classic… waiting for the book!

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