family vacay – day 1

today – dusit zoo.  we traveled by sky train and city bus.  both easy enough to get around on.

public toilets. i don't think we'd have tried them even if they weren't locked.

excited to be on the bus

my favorite exhibit

the locals favorite exhibit

it's alive!

done for the day

3 thoughts on “family vacay – day 1

  1. i am doing fine. so, worry not. hope all is well w/you guys; Ally. wishing you all the best. Mom, remember you told Christopher you’d bring him something back. as i have now become buddhist, I’d like a little Buddha. love to all, scott

  2. Hey Monica! So glad ya’ll are away and having some fun as a family. So glad to have “found” you again, and enjoyed looking at your pics. of late.

    I have a quick question for you, but have lost your email address . . . would you mind shooting me a quick email, and I can reply with my question . . . 🙂 Just when you have a sec.

    Happy vacay and Merry Christmas!

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