file under little known facts

s11 had to take an indian drink to school today and i wasn’t sure how that was going to happen.  enter michael, the hero (why is it dads are always the heroes?).  he looks at what we have in the house – koolaid, sugar, water, lemon juice and he’s certain he can come up with something.

my role in this is skeptic…

…i should know better by now.

within seconds michael’s found the solution.  turns out punch, like plain ol’ fruit punch, originated in india.  except they called it paanch.  and s11 made a brochure.  i think he might have a future as an ad-man.

7 thoughts on “file under little known facts

  1. awesome and very creative… s11 may have found his niche… why is it dad’s always come up with the crazy creative and sail through it… i know, i would have have a shopping trip in the mix. shopping always solves the problem!

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