the final countdown

michael’s been in the philippines and indonesia for the past 2 weeks.  and, while 2 weeks isn’t all that long, i’ve discovered that about 10 days is my single parenting threshold.  starting on day 11 it’s sort of a crap shoot – i fluctuate between all’s well and katie bar the door – and it’s better if whoever is around is on the opposite side of that door from me.  but this trip we’ve managed.  there have been a few close calls.  some short fuses when short fuses weren’t called for, but no blood has been drawn and no permanent psychological damage has been done.  (i think).

here are a few of the highlights that occurred after the 10 day threshold

  • i made wassail for 300 and caught myself on fire.  with flames and everything.
  • s11 participated in the school christmas program.  (even singing one song in thai – well, most of it.  he forgot a few words.)
  • c16 and i had our final performance of the worst best christmas pageant ever.
  • a13 had birthday party (slumber/movie viewing).
  • c16 performed a monologue and acted in a two one act plays.  his monologue was disturbing, but powerful.  maybe i mean powerfully disturbing.

michael gets home tomorrow.  and i get to transition into a one-half of a pair of parents and i’ll be an active duty spouse again.  it’s an akward tug-o-war transition, because we both are ready for a break.  ready for a sleep in and a day or two of much fewer responsibilities.  i’ll actually be happy with a good night’s sleep.  lack of sleep probably contributes greatly to that 10 day threshold.  not being able to get to sleep before 2 in the morning when he’s gone sorta sucks.

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