(not so) silent sunday – father’s day

today is his majesty king bhumibol adulyadej’s birthday.  and that makes it father’s day in thailand which means i have a chance to make up for the really bad job i did of celebrating american father’s day.  but, i can only make up for it in a post, because michael is in the philippines, where it’s not father’s day.  so…

happy father’s day michael!  our kids are amazingly blessed to have you for their dad.

and thanks for making it so very easy to put together a post like this – i’m not sure one person should have so many silly pictures of themself so readily available.  we love you.

4 thoughts on “(not so) silent sunday – father’s day

  1. It was amazing to see how the King’s birthday is celebrated here! I am already starting to feel out of touch with Western special/religious events…not even a Christmas tree in our apartment…but no regret or longing for it either. I am intrigued with the interest by Thais, in Christmas in general…I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.

    Happy Father’s day to Michael…and hey, did you realise it’s been snowing in here for a while now? 😉

    • this is the first year it’s been so easy to find christmas decorations and the first year we’ve really decorated in a way similar to how we would at home. still odd to us that it’s so warm – what happened to the cool season?!?

      when i’m feeling a bit homesick i can just go to my homepage and see the snow… 😉

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