forget about wearing purple

i’ve found two whole new inspirations for when i’m an old lady.

the first one is ruth.  she was with us on the recent thailand compassion sponsor tour.  she was dorcas in the play.  and she is amazing.  ruth is 73 years old (that may not be perfectly accurate, my ability to remember exact details weeks later isn’t as good as it once was) and when i’m her age i hope to be as up for anything as she was.

tie on a blindfold, grab a stick and try to hit a small watermelon – that is in motion?  why not?  walk on coconut shells?  why shouldn’t she?  wear a cultural costume?  fully committed.  i never heard her complain, other than her devious plan to keep us all chatting so that the work afternoon would be shorter.  and i didn’t think that was so much complaining as it was just darn smart.  i hope, 30 years from now, i’m as adventurous as she is.

my second inspiration is an absolutely inspirational and completely preposterous photo series by french photographer sacha goldberger.  it was his way to cheer up his 91 year old grandmother when she was feeling lonely and depressed.

did you read up there where i said she is 91?  and because i’m a little behind the times i’ve discovered that superhero grandma is a viral hit and there are more photos!

you should totally click on the links to see the other photos in this series – they’ll make you smile.  i pray that when i’m 91 i’d be willing to join in with my grandkid for this kind of nonsense.  not to mention that i would love to have the kind of grandkid who would do this sort of thing.

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