this picture was taken a few weeks ago.

how cool.  me and a baby tiger – of the generic, regular tiger variety.  a baby tiger that is still baby enough to come across as cute and not deadly.

this picture was taken last week.

sweet – isn’t it?  all of them and a not so much a baby tiger.  of the special, white tiger variety.  i’m pretty sure that paw that’s sort of floating around in front of s11 could take off his head ear in one swipe.


10 thoughts on “one-upmanship

  1. wow, yeah. That is a tiger that looks like it shouldn’t even be drinking out of a bottle anymore really lol. But very cool – both. What awesome experiences!

  2. Since Ruth got bitten various times by a Tiger in one of those cages I tell people NOT to go there. Its dangerous. Glad nothing happened to you. But serious, people, if something happens, and it has, more than once.. better not go in!!!

    • it sort of cracks me up and them makes me ask, “huh?” for 50 baht you can have your picture taken with a tiger or an elephant will pick you up by it’s trunk. both sound cool, but there’s great potential for much uncoolness to happen.

  3. Looks much better than Tiger Kingdom out of CM. I reckon they’re all medicated out there. Apparently they don’t eat people because they are only fed chicken…yeah, right! Stray nursed a baby leopard out a Kanchanaburi…and you could definitely tell the difference, much more feistier and vocal.

  4. the white tiger was only a few montsh old. it was still a baby. you should have seen the parents, they were huge.

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