shadow man

last night (early morning) – at about 1am or so – i woke up needing to go to the bathroom.  when i opened my eyes there was just enough external light coming into my room to make out the shadow of a man.  he was sitting in one of the office chairs bent over our computer.  (yes, our office is in our bedroom.  a combo i wouldn’t recommend after the dorm years.)  my natural defenses kicked in proving i’m a wimp, because i just lay in bed – frozen.  he wasn’t moving, so i wasn’t moving.  and we held our positions until…


when the light changed enough for me to make out just who this was and what he was doing.  i may have dozed a bit, but i did my best to make sure this shadow man stayed in my room, neutralized by my ability to not move.

victory goes to me.  i defeated the shadow man.  and he only maimed me.  when i finally got out of bed to go to the bathroom i noticed my knee was hurting.  a lot.  i’m not sure what’s wrong with it.  it’s not so bad that it’s debilitating.  it’s more of just a sharp reminder that i was involved in an hours long battle. and you never make it out of those unscathed.

11 thoughts on “shadow man

  1. oh no, this is depressing because I am also a “freezer”, but I always assumed that if it came to the worst (like y’know, a fan sitting in my office chair) then I would manage to take action. Apparently not. Stink.

    Poor you and your knee!

  2. You lay there 4 and a half hours needing to use the bathroom.My body could never have held on that long! That’s amazing!

    And how sad is it that that is the main thing I got out of your tale?

    Am I imagining it, or is it snowing on your blog??

  3. Oooooh, I hate shadow people! They have been scaring me at night since I was a small child! 😀

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