the saddest christmas list ever

s11 wants an r4 ds revolution for christmas and he sent this request on to my mom and she went to the store to buy it.  here’s an excerpt from her email about this shopping experience.

I followed his advice and went to Game Stop to purchase the R4 DS Revolution where I was told that they are illegal in this country.

not being privy to his christmas list, (i know, crazy, how could i allow christmas lists to go out unapproved) i had no idea he had asked for an r4 and even if i had known, i had no idea what an r4 was.  but as soon as i read my mom’s email i got my google on.  and i could see the appeal, i mean you can download games from the internet for free.  what eleven year old wouldn’t think that was a good idea?  pirating, schmirating.  the movies we buy at the store, the real store, are often pirated.  we’ve even gotten one that was shot from the back of the theatre.  so, i can see how he might be a little fuzzy on the illegal downloading of games.

after i told him the r4 was illegal he sent a new christmas list on to my mom.  and, knowing that the #1 and #2 things on this list are a little pricey, he gave a perfectly acceptable third option.

i heard how the R4 was illegal so im sending a new list in which i know nothing is illegal.

1. Ipod touch: i dont know where you get this
2. Pre order 3DS
3. if you cant get them just bring a bunch of butter fingers
I love you, grandad, and meemee

-see you near christmas

6 thoughts on “the saddest christmas list ever

  1. That’s precious! I love his Butterfingers substitution. Non-electronic request that’s under $100…something any grandmother can handle! 🙂

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