trying to get my jingle on

our tree is up.  and this year it’s not the palm, because we planted it out in the yard. this year, it’s a real live (short) fake fir tree.

but, even with the tree, it’s not coming close to beginning to feel a lot little like christmas.  we watched a christmas story this evening, i’ve been listening to christmas carols since thanksgiving, i’ve been in the worst best christmas pageant ever four times this weekend, the kids broke out the santa hats…  and none of that is doing anything to get me in the spirit.

any one got a suggestion or two for how to cure the bah humbugs?  i could use a double dose of it!

17 thoughts on “trying to get my jingle on

  1. I say relax and don’t try to get rid of them, just like finding something you lost after ages of looking and you finally give up just to find that it was in your pocket, or on the table or somewhere obvious. Anyway, point being that maybe if you just sit, relax, have some cocoa you will see that the spirit is there waiting for you! Good luck!

  2. Lots and Lots of alkeyhaul. That’s the ticket. You should be in the holiday spirit, but if not you probably wouldn’t care.


  3. Glad I’m not the 0nly one. At least you have your tree up.
    I’m planning the Christmas unit to teach at school, but somehow that isn’t working for me either – funny that. At least Christmas day itself is a Saturday and I don’t have to teach this year.

      • Ahh, that’s why you were asking about that phrase on Facebook. Unfortunately it’s wasted on me anyway – never heard the phrase before! But I can appreciate the sentiment.
        Yeah, last year I taught on Christmas day. I actually took the family to school with me and we ran a Christmas Assembly in the morning. It was kind of fun, but I think I like “stay home with the family” a whole heap better.

        • i agree, a whole heap better! i’m still gonna stick with hitch in my craw – it works for me. i’m a rebel that way. maybe when when i write my autobiography i’ll title it hitch in my craw.

  4. Can’t argue with Brett’s suggestion, but also, make new traditions 🙂 Ones that warm weather doesn’t matter (or is imperative for).

  5. For me it’s when the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Something I won’t get to do this Christmas….for the first time in about 30 years 😦 My gifts for all will be travelling home in a suitcase in January, without me.

    • our first christmas here really was pretty amazing. it was low key and unlike any that we’d had in the states. which is probably why it was so good. we didn’t try to replicate. hoping to keep that going, just gotta get there.

      gifts for us will be different this year, too. a trip to bangkok is the big family gift, so not so much will be under the tree…

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