next… the big screen

i’ve now made my acting debut.  and i was stellar.  or at least adequate. the kids’ school is putting on a christmas play

and i’ve been cast – if you define being cast as throwing your hand in the air and yelling “pick me, pick me” – in the role of mrs. mccarthy.  she’s a bit of a busy body, but she has a heart of gold.  (i ad-libbed that description – it’s very mostly accurate.)  one of the best parts of being in this play is that i spend the first half of it in my pajamas.  and then there’s the rash.  or lack there of.  when i was a kid i played the viola.  and before any and every recital, concert, audition, etc. i broke out in a bright red rash.  a bright red rash is hard to hide when you’re a very, very white girl.  so, for the first performance, i caked on the makeup – just in case i needed to camouflage the rash.  but guess what?  no rash.  i must have matured more than i realized.

c16 is also in the play.  he’s a herdman.  and he’s a very good herdman – i mean he’s good at being a herdman, because none of the herdmans are good at all.  and when he’s not a herdman he’s a backstage hand. he’s good at that, too.  tonight he took on the task of angel wrangling.  there’s a gaggle of 5th graders in the play and i’m not sure if they come in hopped up on chocolate or soda or what, because they’re mighty wound up.  (which could also just be the result of getting a gaggle of 5th graders together.)  and he took it upon himself to get them settled at the start of the play by story telling.  i walked backstage and came upon all the kids gathered around listening very intently to the story c16 was telling.  which, i’m sure, was perfectly appropriate for 10 and 11 year olds.

we had 4 performances this weekend.  there are two more to go.  one this coming friday – for the other international schools in our area –  and then the following thursday is the last public performance.  so, if you live in chiang mai and are around at 8pm on the night of December 9th, come on out and see us.  tickets are available at the door and there’s not a much better way to get into the spirit of christmas than watching the worst best christmas pageant ever!

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