thanksgiving and compromise

this is our third thanksgiving in thailand.  (i actually had to get out a calendar – or rather look one up online – and then use the chisenbop* i learned in grade school to come up with the number 3.)




this is also the third year we’ve spent thanksgiving with our friends the faucetts.  for years one and two we had turkey.  not very good – but very expensive – turkey.  so this year, as we were discussing what our thanksgiving day menu should look like, we were a little not too excited about the idea of turkey.  and when we remembered that in order to save money we didn’t give the kids turkey last year – they got roast chicken – that’s how we came up with our thanksgiving day poultry compromise.  we’ll all have roast chicken.  this is the least painful compromise i’ve ever had to participate in.  i don’t really care for turkey,  if it’s the only protein available at thanksgiving, i’ll have some.  and that’s only because i gotta have something to balance out all those carbs.  but i am sacrificing something – the giblet gravy.  which i do love. it’s hard to have giblet gravy with out the turkey giblets.  i’m not sure what i’ll put on my stuffing.  or my mashed potatoes.  or what i’ll mix into my green beans.  or what i’ll sop up with my roll.  we are gonna have some other kind of gravy.  different gravy.  substandard (or maybe the best i’ve every had) gravy.  but that’s okay, cuz i’m not willing to pay 60 bucks (that’s american money) to buy the turkey just so i can have the gravy.

*i’m completely stymied by the number of people i have to explain chisenbop to.  i have yet to mention it to one person and have them say, “chisenbop, yes, i know what that is.”  it’s quite possible that chisenbop is the most useful thing – other than reading and writing – i learned during my school years.

4 thoughts on “thanksgiving and compromise

  1. I looked up your chisenbop link just for fun and I was SHOCKED!!! I always thought the thumb only right hand was 6 and that 5 was a full hand. How could I have been misrepresenting 5 and 6 for so long! I guess I’ll have to apologize to my thumb and first finger. 😦

  2. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving of course, but turkey is the tradition Christmas dinner fare instead (although who thought it would be a bright idea to cook a big roast dinner in the middle of an Australian summer, I don’t know). But personally I really don’t like turkey and we have been substituting chickens (preferably rotisserie cooked by someone else and we just buy them) for years – far more delicious!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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