on the eight day – samoeng, chaing mai province

i honestly have no idea how close to our scheduled time we were in the vans and on the road.  but, if i were gonna guess, i’d guess we were a little late.  and then we were a little nauseous.  or at least i was.

because, as the bird flies, the distance between samoeng and chiang mai is not so far.  but, as the van drives and the road curves, the drive was forever 2+ hours.

i have no idea where the road in this picture is,
but it’s almost as curvy as the road we were on.

eventually, we did arrive.  and thanks to big pharma and their thoughtfulness in manufacturing diphenhydramine i could still walk and talk and participate.

when we got out of the vans one of the first sights we saw was a board covered with the pictures of all the kids in the project.  i was amazed by the vast number of pictures on the board.  and then i was further amazed when the program manager said that all but 4 – i’m pretty sure he said 4 – of these kids have sponsors.

the villages this project serves are predominately populated by karen peoples and hmong peoples.  and the main project operates several satellite facilities – the kids on this billboard are from all the facilities combined.

our focus for this project visit was compassion international‘s child survival program.

to learn more about this program we visited the home of this young mother and her 11 month old son.  she lives with her husband and his father.  her husband is currently working in the strawberry fields several hours away.  she shared with us how she and her son benefit from the child survival program and the dreams she has for her son.

the child survival program’s goal is to save the lives of young, at-risk children by providing:

  • Nutritious food supplements
  • Immunizations
  • Ongoing health care
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual development

and to offer the children’s mothers:

  • Prenatal care
  • Health care
  • Nutritional training
  • Parenting skills training
  • Spiritual nurturing

but beyond those things she benefits from the community that’s been built among her, her son and the other 51 mothers and babies that participate in this program.

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