on the afternoon of the sixth day – chiang rai

we were still in chaing rai.

we pick up just after lunch.  a very good lunch.  prepared by the very capable hands of some of the project volunteers.  we are now headed off for the real work.  still fun work, but definately more dangerous.

we split into three groups.  group destroy, group grow and group build.  (i’m taking some liberties here, because those aren’t the official names.)

group destroy was turned lose with machetes and sent to “mow” a hill.

and, just in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a group of young boys with their machetes.  they were very good with them.  much better, and probably safer, than us newbies.

we did have an actual machette accident.  of course, it wasn’t caused by the machette, but it did happen while holding the machete.  and, if team destroy being turned lose with machettes wasn’t dangerous enough, we also had fire!

team grow was a much gentler group.  it was their job to take vines, very similar to the ones we were machete mowing, and plant them so they could take over the hillside a little lower down.

team build had the job of helping to complete a kitchen.  just the walls.  i don’t think they were really load bearing walls, because it appeared the frame work, that had been done prior to our arrival, was doing all the support.  that was some very good planning.

every job we were given to do there were children helping us.  and they worked hard.  no dilly dallying on their part.  no matter how hard we tried, we could not outwork those kids.  they were amazing.  and they knew exactly what they were doing.  they knew to stear clear of those of us who had machetes. they knew not to interfere with the ladies doing the planting – they recognized expertise when they saw it.  and they knew a bucket brigade was the way to get the building job done, even though our guys were totally gung-ho for carrying the rocks to be mixed with the cement a bucket at a time.

we finished in the early evening and when it was time to go we had the easiest parting of the entire trip.  mainly because we knew we were headed back to the same project the next day for  worship and home visits.  we were dirty, and we smelled – some more than others – and we were tired.  but it was an awesome day.

4 thoughts on “on the afternoon of the sixth day – chiang rai

  1. What a fantastically interesting blog…I love the tone and style of writing. I was transplanted as a child, so I really glad I found this. My lucky day!

  2. I’ve been following your posts the last few days (as always :)…full of adventure, humour and rewards! I’ve tried to comment a few times, but the hotel server doesn’t like me sometimes…mai bpen rai.

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