on the morning of the sixth day – chiang rai

we (me and the crew on the compassion international sponsor tour) were up and out almost as early as the itinerary said we should be.  go us.  we headed to chiang rai and it took us…

2 hours.

today was work day.  fun work, but tiring.  in the morning we helped with the project’s saturday program.  we did a bit of a vacation bible school thing.  music, art, games, and a bible story.  the sponsors and tour leaders were amazingly organized.  they’d planned before the trip what they would be doing and who would be leading what area.  the music ladies brought plastic flutes, sticks, empty oatmeal tubs, and boxes of candy to use as rhythm instruments.

the arts team organized coloring pages and crayons. and the sports team had games and energy.

i know, these pictures aren’t actually of art or sports. but these folks all participated. i’m only one person and one camera. 😉

and the bible story team was ready to go with a play.

this is dorcas tabitha.  and dorcas tabitha is sewing clothes and handy things for widows with a really, really long thread.  a thread that is almost so long it looks like she could tip over trying to pull it through.  but she doesn’t, because she is a very good seamstress and she knows just how much thread she will need.


one day dorcas tabitha dies. i don’t know if she was really as surprised as she looks – because she had been sick, but, since i don’t know how sick she really was, maybe it was a sudden death.  dorcas’ tabitha’s friends were heart-broken.  they just happened to be  lounging at the railings behind tabitha and were able to quickly move into action.


okay, so it’s possible that one friend may have moved into action sooner (so soon i didn’t get her head in the shot), but possibly the other was so overcome with grief she found herself frozen in place.  but it didn’t take long for them to realize what they had to do.  after they prepared her body that is.


they called on peter.  and peter, when he saw their grief, sent them from the room.  (even though it looks like they are still in the same room, they weren’t.) once peter was alone with dorcas tabitha he prayed to God and then he told her to get up!  and she did.  he had to help her a little.  because she was old and she had been dead, she was probably a little weak.


once dorcas tabitha was upright, she was spry as a spring chicken.  look at the air she gets with that jump!  and when her friends returned to the room there was great celebration.  and probably some shock, because i think i’d be shocked if my dead friend weren’t dead anymore.  (but you have to imagine all that, because i was so stunned by dorcas’ tabitha’s spryness i quit taking pictures.)



since there’s really no good way to transition from peter resurrecting dorcas tabitha i’mjust gonna stop here for now.  tomorrow’s post will be a continuation of the sixth day.  and it has the potential for real and actual danger.

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