40 and 3 days

“the key to a good birthday is low expectations,”  phil dunphy ~  modern family

sadly, phil is describing michael’s last 5 or 6 birthdays. maybe more.  and this year i had every intention of doing his birthday up big.  i mean it’s the big four-oh.  aren’t you supposed to celebrate with at the very least a funeral dirge or some such thing?  but i didn’t.  and i have no excuse.  i did get him a gift.  4 weeks ago.  and it was exciting then, but now, not so much.  so that sort of added to the whole low expectation thing.  he did get cake and a song.  not from me, of course.  from n. khao and n. jim.  they showed up bright and early in the morning with cake and even brought an extra kid with them to make it more festive.

so i’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to my husband for being such a sucky birthday memorializer – or whatever you wanna call it.  and to tell him happy birthday.  3 days late.  here’s hoping for many, many more birthdays for me to fail in the planning of!!  i love you.

8 thoughts on “40 and 3 days

  1. He’ll be even more surprised if you make a huge deal out of his 41st birthday, see? You’ve got all year to plan it. No one expects much hooplah then, so it will be a complete shock. 🙂 ~Tui

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