signs of change

sure signs the seasons they are a changing here in chiang mai

  1. frigid morning and evening temperatures.  and when i say frigid i mean it. it was 66 this morning and i didn’t want to get out from under the warmth of the comforter.  if you had told me 3 years ago that i’d be digging out hoodie sweatshirts and warm socks when the thermometer hit 69 i’d have called you crazy – or at least thought you were crazy.
  2. khom loy.  you actually see them off and on through out the year, but they are in full force as the loy kratong celebration approaches.  releasing these lanterns always feels sort of exotic.  this past weekend i went to a party to celebrate a couple of friends’ 50th birthdays.  as part of the festivities we released many lanterns.  the brisk air and the lanterns made for a perfect cool season evening.



7 thoughts on “signs of change

  1. We sent up Khom Fay last week when my sister was here. Glad we are not the only ones getting in a little early. And yes, isn’t the weather heavenly!!

      • No, I didn’t know that, thanks. Someone also said there is a light show/live theatre at Sukhothai (about a three hour drive), in amongst the ruins. They said it’s spectacular. Apparently it’s on at the same time as Loy Katrong but for one night only (two shows)…have you ever been, or heard about it?

  2. Love the pictures! Hope you don’t get frostbite with those chilly temps. 🙂
    Tuesday I was in Dubai airport and got a foot massage in the spa place there…the gals were from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. It actually made me think of you (even though I’ve never met you hehehe).

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