keeping myself entertained

or what i’m reading and watching…

i picked this book because i like the cover (i know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes i just can’t help it) and because nancy pearl from npr said it is “heartwarming, humorous and soul-satisfying” and allison lynn from people magazine said it’s “[a] plucky debut… quick fills the pages with so much absurd wit and true feeling that it’s impossible not to cheer for his unlikely hero.” a positive npr review makes me feel smart and people magazine loving it – that makes me feel cool.

i’m reading this book to help educate myself.  it’s interesting, but it also makes it seem like life with an asperger’s kid is going to be work, work, work and no joy.  while it’s provided some good information – i’m not certain i would have picked it had i been able to actually research the book before hand.

i’ve just finished this one.  it was a quick read and provided some good insight.  i felt like a memoir was easier to tackle as my first book about asperger’s – i think i was right about that.  and mr. robison was able to put into words something s11 had been trying to tell me, but i wasn’t understanding.  so worth the money just for that.

love, love, love this show.  and when phil said, “we’re not going to play good cop/mom” i loved it a little more.

ricky gervais is playing a great big practical joke on his friend and he wants “him to hate every minute of it for my own amusement.” what’s not to love about that?  throw in seeing the seven wonders of the world and you’ve got fantastic entertainment bordering on great edutainment.

and i just saw the season finale of project runway season 8.  it made me not happy.  how could mondo not win?

7 thoughts on “keeping myself entertained

    • i finished it, i didn’t think it was great. there’s part of the story that you aren’t told about until the end. you know it’s happened and that whatever it is is crucial, but you and the main character are left in the dark about it. not my favorite.

  1. I totally love Modern Family. It’s pretty much the only tv show I bother with anymore!

    I know you probably are getting loads of people giving Asberger’s advice/comments (and probably sick of it), but I have to tell you, some good friends of mine had their daughter diagnosed with it about 5 years ago (she was 9 close to 10)…and while there was a definite learning curve with certain issues, it’s not a huge factor in their lives anymore. And their daughter is a lovely, polite and intelligent child…a real pleasure to be around.

  2. Love Modern Family, Clare makes me snort out loud, I can SO relate to her. (which of course tells you loads about my husband). Would heap on the encouragement about S11 but I know you’re getting lots of it so I’ll just say, keep on keepin’ on. Oh and I just about threw my laptop across the room when Mondo didn’t win! TRAVESTY OF EPIC proportions!!!

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