he’s such a hack

yesterday was the harvest festival at the kids’ school and i’ve only got one left who’s at all interested in putting a costume on and since this is very likely the last year he’ll be willing it was most important to me that pictures happen.  knowing that i had responsibilities i knew i wasn’t gonna be able to take any photos, but i really wanted some pics of s11 dressed up as a litter of puppies.

michael to the rescue.

he got a picture of the whole litter.

and then he managed this close up of s11.  (i’m not certain where his painted on doggy nose has gone off to, but even without the nose he makes a very convincing puppy.)

and this photo of the whole litter walking away on one set of hind legs is most impressive.

up until this point i was completely in awe of michael’s picture taking skills.  he’d done exactly as requested and he’d done it very well.  but then i saw this.  and now i’m fairly certain he’s  the very definition of a complete hack.

can’t imagine why no one signed up for childcare.

4 thoughts on “he’s such a hack

    • part of why this will probably be our last year is because there is no trick or treating here. so no free candy and the candy they get at the festival is the best you can get here, but it’s gross.

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