flip flopping

remember back in september when michael was in the states and he went to the doctor and the doctor told him he had type-2 diabetes and we followed up here with another doctor and the doctor here did a little blood test and said oh, no, that can’t possibly be right.  he doesn’t have type 2 diabetes.  and i was we were totaly convinced cautiously optimistic that he didn’t have it.  but, just to be safe, the doctor wanted to do follow up blood work when michael was in town for more than a day or two.  well, that time is now.  turns out michael’s currently in the middle of three weeks here.  and he’s all over the medical – which is slightly out of character for him (it’s quite possible that his motivation comes from this being some serious and scary stuff.)  tuesday morning he went in for his blood work.  thursday evening he got his results back.  turns out doctor #1 was correct.  type 2 diabetes (what kinda fun are you gonna be?)  but he’s got even more fun than that going on.  he’s leaking albumin, and his eosinophil level – it’s off the chart.  his blood pressure is poorly controlled.  there’s protein where protein shouldn’t be and that’s only the bits and pieces michael remembers.  at least the doctor has a plan of attack.  it’s a simple four step plan.

  • # first – getting the diabetes under control.
  • # second – regulate the blood pressure.
  • # third – cap that albumin leak – hope that’s easier to control than that little oil leak in the gulf.
  • # fourth –  fix his inadequate breathing.  the doctor’s all about getting him off the sleep apnea machine.

i’m really not sure how simple this plan is seeing as how he’s been given no plan of attack for accomplishing these four steps.  but we’ll figure it out.  i’m thinking a top priority is finding a nutritionist and as tempting as it is to let google fill this role, i’m guessing a real live person would be a better choice.

6 thoughts on “flip flopping

  1. Oh dear, what a cocktail of symptoms to work through and manage 😦
    The protein in the urine thing gave me an instant hot flush, and then my blood went cold – that was Garry’s symptom that eventually lead to his diagnosis after a ton of other things had been ruled out. But all the other symptoms is unrelated, so not saying anything about Michael’s situation. Just that we know what it is like to be where you guys are right now and sending tons of hugs and prayers, and you know where I am if you need to talk. xxx

  2. Oh boy! I’m guessing that’s at least half as overwhelming as it sounds. So sorry. Best of luck in dealing with it. A nutritionist sounds like a good place to start, and yes, I think you’re right, a real one.

    Off to google albumin.

  3. right there with you, dale was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago. i still fight with him to drop the weight and go see a nutrionist… we (I) know, he knows, but changes long term what he needs to do food and weight. he is on a cocktail of medicine to control it, but its a long process.

    hopefully, michael is wiser… lots of love, sherilyn

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