the big mango – recapped

or the post where i throw a bunch of pictures at you with very little explanation.  or possibly lots of explanation – depending.

i’ve already explained how we took the train to bangkok on sunday night.  but instead of a train we were on a bus.  and we got a snack – room temperature soy milk included.  and i got a special kink in my neck.  that managed to get worse as the trip went on.

the bus got us to bangkok a few hours earlier than planned.  not being sure of what our options were at 6:45 in the morning we just headed to the guest house.  my highest hopes were that we’d able to leave our luggage and then maybe wander around looking for food.  but, surprise, surprise, surprise (think gomer pyle) we were able to get into our room right then.  and take naps.  which worked nicely because my priority numero uno was to be sure we were rested for the doctor’s appointments.

*this is the no picture part of this post – since i forgot the camera*

we were up and out by noon.  the front desk told us to allow 45 minutes or so to get to the hospital.  and being the type of person i am  (you know – one who highly values being on time) i figured i would allow an hour and a half.  which meant we had 2 hours before we needed to hail a cab.  so we headed out.  found subway for lunch.  rode the sky train to the mall area and had a quick look-see around.  we then caught a cab and headed to the hospital.  one and one-half hours before our appointment.  good thing we did, too.  because had we not made it to the hospital one hour and fifteen minutes early we would have missed out on an afternoon snack of au bon pon and starbucks.  we spent several hours at the hospital – we talked to doctors together, we talked to doctors individually, we compared notes and we waited.  once we were done at the hospital we caught a cab back to the guest house.  then we headed out for dinner.  after dinner we went back to our room and settled in for the night.  for the kids this mean cartoon network – a night of non stop garfield.  too much fun.  for me it looked a little more like passing out.  i think i got the better end of that deal.

the next morning we were up bright and early and shocked to discover that they quit serving breakfast at the ridiculously early hour of 9:30 in the morning.  since desperate times call for desperate measures we headed straight for au bon pon – a different au bon pon than the day before.  bagels turned into a bit of a theme for this trip. after we carb loaded we headed out for our big adventure.

*resuming pictures now*

starting with the sky train.

followed by ocean world.

after a rousing good time at ocean world it was snack time.  today’s snack was sponsored by coldstone creamery.  (by sponsored i mean we gave them mucho dinero and they gave us ice cream.  i’d forgotten just how yummy cake batter ice cream is.)

we also took advantage of the many photo opportunities provided at the malls in bangkok.  (yes, s11 is picking the nose of the big yellow head and he is giving the big silver guy/thing a purple nurple.  seems normal to me.)

we saw a guy and his squirrel.  just before this photo was snapped the squirrel’s hat was knocked off it’s head.  too bad.  and michael jackson. he kept his hat.

and that was all we could take in one day.

day #next.

this morning began remarkably like the previous one – breakfast was served too early and we were left with no other option than to start our day with carbs.

the plan for today?  a movie.  grown ups. and then a snack.  we took a gander at this line.  krispy kreme bangkok.  kraziness.

but instead settled on cinnabon.  which was turned out to be genius.  and delicious.

and off we headed to the train.  the train that was gonna bring us home.

until it changed it’s mind.

day #extra

it was getting very groundhog’s day.  breakfast – we missed it.  bagels – we had them.  today’s movie cats and dogs: the revenge of kitty galore.  we spent some time reading.  had some coffee.  no snack.  we picked up some chicken wraps and headed to the train station.  to be taken to a bus.  located not at the bus station.

i over paid for our tickets and i knew it when i did it, but it was only about 100 baht too much and i didn’t care so much about that at 1 in the morning.  the other guys on the bus with us?  they paid twice what i did.  that’s nutz.

we made it home.  the crick in my neck, well, if it didn’t hurt and if it weren’t keeping me from turning my head or raising my arms or sleeping well then it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

4 thoughts on “the big mango – recapped

  1. What a trip! Hurray for Au Bon Pain, Coldstone and Cinnabun! Sounds like you did a masterful job keeping everyone together and entertained, even if it was by Cartoon Network. Hope the crick in the neck goes away pronto. I hate those.

    • it was amazing how both kids faces lit up when we found that we had cartoon network in the room. it’s the little things i guess! using tiger balm on the crick in my neck – it’s amazing how much of a nuisance they can be!

  2. wow…you seem to have been in lots of adventures these days. i pray you’re rested in God’s love. anyway au bon pain, coldstone and cinnabun?! i need to find those before i go back. but never krispy kreme…not now anyway. the line looked so frightening!

    • i was gonna make the kids eat only thai while we were in bangkok. you know, eat the local food so you get the whole experience. but one of them reminded me that we live in thailand and we eat it all the time. i still couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bowl of kuay tiaw when i got home! yum.

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