and we’re back – here, not there

the train arrived early.  we boarded.  we were excited.  we ordered dinner.  the train left the station for chiang mai.  we ate dinner (which convinced me not to order dinner on the train again.  it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either.)  we ordered breakfast (only because by that time the train was running an hour behind schedule and i didn’t figure the kids would like waiting until 11 in the morning to eat).  the nice train employee came and put the beds down for us.  we got into bed.  we were curled up nicely with our ipods and we (or at least i) was ready to be put to sleep by the swaying of the train.  and just as i was beginning to understand how someone could possibly be swayed to sleep by a train they came and told us we wouldn’t be having breakfast.  or chiang mai.  that we were headed back to bangkok.  flooding again so we shouldn’t count on the overnight train on thursday night.

now we’re back at the bangkok christian guest house with tickets for an overnight bus tomorrow night.  s11 has a vote in that we do nothing tomorrow.  he’d like a day to hang out around the hotel and fill every available minute with whatever might be showing on cartoon network.  and as tempting as that is – check out is at noon.  that leaves us several (like 7) hours to fill.  a13 mentioned that cats and dogs: the revenge of kitty galore comes out tomorrow and we’re not at all far from the mall where the ginormous theatre is and maybe we should go there.  right now, my vote is for sleep – and blogging, obviously.

and while we’re figuring out how we’re gonna fritter away a few hours before we can begin our journey home, michael’s hearing reports that super typhoon megi is due to arrive where he is somewhere in the same time frame as when he’s gonna be attempting to leave.  it seems he always has to one up me.

9 thoughts on “and we’re back – here, not there

  1. I love reading your blog and realizing all of the parenting fun I have to look forward to, like kitty galore!! I would say “hang in there and make an adventure of it” but I suppose you are adventured out by now. I hope the train works out tomorrow. ❤

  2. hey that was not my idea. that was your idea. you desperately wanted to see it remember? i just reminded you that it came out yesterday. okay? okay.

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