the ol’ bait and switch

or an excuse to put two totally unrelated items in the same blog post…

example a)

we got to the train station about 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  but there was no train.  and there were very few people.  and there was this in the parking lot.

and when i got inside there was this very official sign and a guy giving refunds

but before i could make it out of the train station the bus people were offereing to sell me a ticket.  so i bought three.  i’ve never done the train here, but the kids both assure me that the bus is no train.  smart, aren’t they?

example b)

remember back when i had that very bad cancer removed from my head and the plastic surgeon gave me a bonus face lift and he promised me that my entire scalp would be covered by hair?

apparently he really meant almost all.  and that’s only one of the hairless spots.  (bald is just sounds so harsh.)

5 thoughts on “the ol’ bait and switch

  1. So, should I tell you my bus story that involves someone offering me a drink out of their little paper bag? No? Hope yours went better.

    Sorry about the hair-challenged spot. At least you got a facelift out of it? I have hair-challenged spots and sagging. 😦

  2. I had something removed from the top of my head years ago, and the bald spot *did* fill in. However, like your previous commenter, I have naturally hair challenged spots now (nothing to do with doohickey removal) and sagging too! 😀 Ah, the joys of being in your 40’s. 🙂

    • i’ve always been a bit challenged in the hair department. i mean, i’ve had a full head of it, just naturally very thin. i’ll keep holding out hope that this will fill in, i’ve got a few months until i hit 40 so maybe the follicles will go into overdrive!! 😉

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