i’ll be gone 500 miles when the day is done

or more accurately – i’ll be gone 431 miles when the night is done, but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.

a13, s11 and i are taking the night train to bangkok.  we’re headed there to have some testing done with s11.  i’m not going to go into all the details here – at least not right now.  it’s nothing life threatening, but something that does need to be looked into.  (how’s that for vague?)  other than a doctor’s appointment (that i have no idea of the length of or follow up for) i have made no plans. and in a moment of weakness i agreed that the kids should be able to pick out some of the things we do.  a13 wants to go to the mall – we can do that.  both kids want to go to ocean world, but both kids have already been there – so i’m leaning away from that option.  there’s safari world.  their tagline claims they’re “the world of happiness”. that makes it sound like it might be a must see.  except maybe it’s not very nice that they make the orangutan box.  and so maybe we shouldn’t encourage them to do that.  plus, it seems like it might not be the easiest to get to.  i’ve talked the kids into a river boat ride – several people have suggested it and when you google “must do in bangkok” it makes all the lists.  i’d like to make it to the grand palace.  and i think i can make that happen, especially if i can manage to convince the kids that the river boat cruise was really their idea.

all this figuring out how to have fun is really a big distraction from what i should be doing anyway.  and that’s figuring out how we’re gonna get from the train station to the guest house and from the guest house to the hospital.  after that, it will be all fun all the time.

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