if it’s not one thing…

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~World Health Organization, 1948

i would be totally satisfied if we could just get “the absence of disease or infirmity” part down.  not too long ago michael recovered from his bout with cellulitis. and pretty much immediately after michael’s healing came my run in with the “very bad” tumor.  and a few weeks after the removal of the tumor the 6″ incision on the tippy top of my head decided it would seperate a bit – which was alot of fun – but it’s healing properly now, so no worries.  we’re on the mend.  our family is a picture of health.  or so we thought.

while michael was in the states he went to the doctor.  a doctor who discovered that michael’s healing wasn’t a complete healing.  it was more of the cellulitis going dormant.  it hasn’t flared up like it did, but given the right situation it could.  and he did a bit of blood work because he suspected that michael was having a difficult time fighting off the cellulitis because he was diabetic.  and today we got the results of his blood work.  type 2 diabetes.  which means we’ve got to find a doctor to be michael’s doctor.  so far we’ve handled all our doctoring on a walk in basis (except for my skin stuff – i’ve got a dermatoligist for that one), but i think this is going to take a little more following up on than a walk-in situation allows for.

6 thoughts on “if it’s not one thing…

  1. I’m so sorry. I’m literally trying y hardest to ignore an envelope laying here from Mark’s doctor, I’m afraid it’s going to be the same diagnosis. Of course, should that happen, we’ll have an easier time finding a doctor. Good luck. Hope it’s easily managed.

  2. i’m so sorry… its crummy. my husband has it and has not managed it greatly, shocking, I know. medicine is what he has, but i keep praying for the diet and exercise route!!! tell michael to listen to doctor recommendations and take them! let me know if i can help in any way!

  3. Well, even though it stinks he has diabetes, I’m thankful he was able to see a doctor and get this diagnosed. Hopefully his leg will heal properly now too. And hopefully, you guys will have no more health issues for many years!!!

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