you’d think it was the hope diamond

i went grocery shopping yesterday, a chore that’s just a little less fun here than it was in america, and found treasure.  (i sort of hate to even post this because i think it ups our risk of being burgeled.)

and since i’ve never seen them for sale anywhere in thailand before (other than at the consulate 4th of July shindig, but that doesn’t count because they have everything american) i didn’t buy just one.

i bought them all.  which might be a bit rude.

i did inspect them before i purchased them and they do have a slight flaw.

they were canned in the great britain by coca-cola enterprises.  as in the coca cola company.  but i’ve been assured by the dr. pepper connoisseurs in our house that they can’t tell the difference.  i wouldn’t know.  i don’t like dr. pepper.

9 thoughts on “you’d think it was the hope diamond

  1. After growing up in Texas – not liking DP is a little odd. But as I am sure (and anyone else in the house who loves DP) is thinking – good, that is more for me.

  2. dr pepper is #1 in our house… took me years to love it again after dad was a salesman, get pretty tired of it when you have it every day… hope you all have it over ice!

  3. Oh, yes, Dr. Pepper in Thailand is worth blogging/hoarding/paying 48 baht per can (or whatever I forked over for it at Villa every blue moon or so) LOL! I’m glad that your family appreciates the small treasure that you bought!

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