last night was the first social of the school year.  a13 and c16 were both going to go, but c16 is slightly sick.  he’s slightly sick because of the curse of the mental hospital.  (how’s that for leaving you hanging.  i’m not even gonna tell you about the curse of the mental hospital right now – back to the social.)

all socials here are held at hotels.  none of this cafeteria/gym stuff for our kids.  so today a13 and i headed out to find a dress and get her hair cut.  and we were successful.

the shopping and the hair are definitely things that fall into the plus category of living in thailand.  sure, it’s a bit of a pain to find an age appropriate dress that we both like – the absence of a juniors’ section is very noticeable at times like this – but when we do manage to find one and we spend – full price – 150baht on it (that’s a little over $5.00)  the search is well worth it.  and the hair.  first is the shampoo with mini-scalp massage.  then comes the cut.  which includes a stylist who can fast draw and spin his scissors without injuring any one.  after the cut is the style.  we’ve never managed less than a half hour of blow drying and another 15 minutes of fiddling around.  all told it’s like an hour and a half for a haircut.  and the cost?  200baht  or just under $7.00.  when you add in the price of the ticket it comes to 600baht – $20.00.  yep, that’s definitely a plus.

this is the best socialite pose we could manage.  love how the itty bitty dog – the must have socialite accessory – is feigning indifference.  the truth is, she was absolutely crushed when she discovered she was not going with.

10 thoughts on “socialite

  1. She looks beautiful! REia wants a pair of skinny cords from Justice. They’re $20, on sale. Sheesh, I rarely spend that on MY pants. =)

  2. Your daughter is adorable! As for that snake story from that previous post, well, that just gave me the shivers. In a bad way.

  3. She looks SO beautiful! Hope she had lots of fun. I can’t get over those prices. Unfortunately, I’ll assume, salaries are similar. Still, it’s hard to fathom all of that for $20. I’m sure you know here, you’d be multiplying by at least 5, probably closer to 10.

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