i thought the snakes were on a plane

this isn’t my story to tell so i’m not gonna go into too much detail, but it’s necessary to share a little so that you can appreciate michael’s current condition.

michael got home yesterday, after 30+ hours of travel time. as soon as he came out of baggage check i was ready.  ready to share every single detail of every single thing that happened while he was gone.  and he didn’t fall asleep.  or he’s learned to fake being awake convincingly – which is fine by me, because i still got to use up all 3 gazillion words i’d been saving since he left.  the biggest thing i had to tell him about didn’t happen to us, it happened to a friend.  a friend who does not live far enough away.  if her family lived on mars it would not be far enough away.  one night this friend of mine’s house help wakes her up to tell her there is a snake.  a big snake.  they go outside to investigate and it’s a big, big, big, gigantically humongous python.  and it’s eating their pet cat.  and it’s in their yard.  so they call the police.  the police send out major reinforcements and they send them out quickly.  but the python still gets away.  (that’s why i say she lives way, way too close.  i mean, she’s perfectly lovely as are her children and she has a very nice spouse, but a python that can eat a cat escaping her yard?  too close.)

after i tell this tale we go about our evening.  i head out for girls’ night, michael attempts to watch chuck with the kids, but passes out during the second episode and the kids run amok after that.  roll the clock forward 5 hours.  i’ve returned home, read some, caught up with what i might have missed in the last few hours on facebook, and then decide to head to bed.  i wake micheal up – he’s not fully awake, but sort of in that in between wake and sleep state – when i get into bed and he attempts to give me a big hug and tells me that this big hug is for the snake people.  he talks a little more about snake people, but refuses to go into detail.  he falls asleep, i fall asleep.  all is good.  until i wake up this morning.  i hear s’mores in the yard barking – it’s her usually yipping that i’m certain drives the neighbors crazy.  and then she stops.  i think nothing of it, but michael leaps up and out to the door because he’s certain the dog only stopped barking because she’s succumbed to the hugely huge python.

and it’s not the first time he’s had this worry.  he’s been up several hours on python watch.

6 thoughts on “i thought the snakes were on a plane

  1. WOW! I’d heard of people having snakes in their houses when I lived in Thailand, but NEVER of them eating a family pet! The snakes, in my opinion, are the worst thing about living there, but not anything I constantly worried about. We had dogs, too, but they were such wimps, they never stayed outside for long, so we didn’t worry about them getting bitten or anything. And we lived on a golf course, where there were plenty of snake sightings…and at our school!

  2. Well, from where I sit thousands of miles away it seems funny. If I were there, I think I’d have problems sleeping too!

    Hope he’s doing great, aside from the disturbing dreams.

  3. Was this snake down the street from you? Or where in town? That is awful – I’m with Mike – I’d be keeping watch, too.

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