last school year s11 had a maths problem that we never did get to the bottom of.  but no matter how confusing i found that one, this one has me completely  flummoxed.  not that i can’t get the answer – i can do the simple math.  and while i am very disturbed by the problem itself – i’m even more bothered by the three month lag between the problem being assigned and the parent complaint.

10 thoughts on “maths

  1. Wow! Is it supposed to be maths…plural?? Looks like in japan homeschooling is the way to go!!

  2. ’cause the full word is “mathematicS” not mathematic, so when we shorten it, it keeps the “s” sound on the end. According to, the word mathematics can function as a singular or a plural, so I guess either is equally correct.

    Yikes on the Japanese teacher!

  3. I am guessing it would be grossly inappropriate of me, if I said I could see the funny side of the article…wouldn’t it?

    ….and what’s with all this talk about math, of course it’s mathS…lol!

    • i found it incredulous. you know, what adult thinks it could even be slightly appropriate? and how little imagination it takes not to fix the problem – make it a bit more kid friendly. like maybe instead of killing children they could kill zombies. or chickens. or even just eat m&ms.

      • Monica, I certainly didn’t mean to offend, my comment was written with a big toungue in cheek. (I obviously wouldn’t make a good teacher 😉

        I would be mortified if it were one of my children who received such a math problem…and it certainly wouldn’t have taken me three months to report it.

        I like the M & M alternative!

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